Why Facebook Jukerburg Cover Laptop Camera Tape

How to cover laptop camera (webcam)

Why Facebook Jukerburg Cover Laptop Camera Tape why cover laptop camera?is that compulsory to cover laptop cam (webcam)

how to cover laptop camera
why should cover laptop camera with tape

of course you can but it is one of the precaution. all technical people telling that it is must and should cover laptop camera why because it (captures)is viewing us what we works what we wear how we work etc… it may cause to threat for this reasons so many technical knowledge people they hide their laptop camera.

if you observe our facebook founder jukerburg always his laptop  is covered why he covers like that .obviously he is technical people he may know not he  may he should know what to do what not. so that he answers yes we should hide cover webcam why because there is reason behind nothing all we know its general but we are not taking care for all those things let it be see how to cover laptop camera.


here as simple as that very simple trick you need to cover your laptop with small tape nothing else. that’s it problem body can spy or hack you.

How to cover laptop camera






cover laptop camera with tape
why should cover laptop camera with tape

Why Cover Laptop Camera Tape

Covering cameras isn’t new for those who know that the internet is always watching. Eva Galperin, a policy analyst for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, says that since she bought her first laptop with a built-in camera on the screen, a MacBook Pro, in 2007, she’s been covering them up.

The fear over web cameras has penetrated deep into popular culture. The trailer for Oliver Stone’s forthcoming biopic Snowden, on the US spy contractor, features a clip of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays the title character,  at his laptop camera duringan intimate moment with his girlfriend.


Do you really have to cover your laptop camera

So are we all being paranoid? Well, it’s not science fiction. Researchers in 2013  they could activate a Macbook’s camera without triggering the green “this-thing-is-on” light. One couple  a hacker posted a video of them having sex after hacking their smart TV. And federal court records shows that the FBI  to spy on users as well.

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