Whatsapp new options
Whatsapp New Options

Smart Phone 

Do you have smart phone of course you have then  did  you try this  WhatsApp new options


WhatsApp New Options

Do  not save  we are sharing lots of hings like  photos,videos,songs,jokes,whats up videos etc…o our friends ,relatives ,colleagues . while connecting internet o our phone automatically i will downloaded in our phone so what ? no problem bu we may loss our Phones memory because this reason. how to block this? automatic downloads in phone .here is an option for u if you are apple phone user you have special option. if you want to use just go to setting from setting  to select privacy  then U get photos option select photos option and go to disable mode to whats up thats it.

short cut why don not you put a short cut option on home screen, whbecause when you want to contact alwayto someone closed or groups create group or contact on home screen instead of visit whatsapp. rite no need to do this when you apply this rule just select group or contacts by pressing some seconds(long press) it will visible on home screen as a short cut. then you go with direct contact. 

Whatsapp new features

Encrypion mode this is one of the new option enter in whats up why this? because when you chat and voice messages to store in secret. this is the best option to use end to end encryption mode by this option nobody can  access your chating 

 “WhatsApp New Options”

clear chats  Did you clear your chats better to clear na when you want to clear all message at once then go to menu settings >chats and calls > chats history then clear all chats (messages).
WhatsApp without internet



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