What is the logic of square root 5,15,25,35,.....105.

How To Find Easy logic of square root 5,15,25,35,45,55…..105

What is the logic of square root 5,25,35,…..105 easy to answer within seconds means fraction of seconds really it is so easy you can also find after knowing this logic.

i think you are so exciting to know the logic rite of course it is really amazing logic.

when i am going to institute to learn core subject at that time in our leisure period  we all share some fun things  he ask’s one logic question? the logic question is will explained.

we are so stunned actually he is very silent but he ask like this kind of logic question we are really impressed and so shocked also… but do not think like that everybody has some talent

that is why do not judge a book by discover.

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find the logic of 5 root till 105

one of my friends told me regarding this mathematical i think you people may know already means some people may know some people do not know.that is why i just wanna share you guys this logic you should know then you feel really good as you know something which is very interesting useful also. personally i really like this logic it is really simple and very easy .

here we explain you what is the question and what is the logic ?

i think some genius candidates already find that logic know , okay not a problem lets go for question and logic ?

What is the logic of square root 5,15,25,35,…..105.

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here we can see mathematical tricks to find the logic’s


here find clearly square root of 15= 15


=225 infraction of seconds how you find so fast here you can observe 5*5=25

place of 1, 1 you can add one more one 1 then 1+1=2, so 2 multiply one 1 equal to 2

so the answer is 15*15=225 

like this you can find  25 multiply 25 equal to five five za 25, and add 1 then it is become 3. 3 multiply with 2 then it is six means           25*25=625,



find answers by using logic only ?







like this you can easy to find




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