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What is Stock Exchange in 22 what are those and how it works what stocks are available in exchanges and what are the stock market timings what is intraday and how to get jackpot in #stockmarketintelugu How to buy stocks and how to sell stocks what are the differences between Banking ,Mutual Funds etc… why should we invest in sharemarket comparing to other platforms… le us know what is exchange (stock exchange ) …

What IS Stock Exchange: A stock exchange is a place just like a super market where you can buy and sell stocks of a company, In India Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange are like super markets which will regulate share of different companies. However there is one catch, the prices in a super market are fixed but in the stock market, the prices of stocks are varying every second because of supply and demand.

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  1. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE): It has around 5400 registered companies. The measurement to monitor the performance of stocks is Sensex.
  2. Sensex: It shows the average trend of top thirty companies of the BSE, By averaging out it demonstrates the performance of shares of the companies are moving up and down.
  3. National Stock Exchange (NSE): It has around 1700 registered companies. The measurement to monitor the performance of stocks is Nifty.
  4. Nifty: It shows the price fluctuations of the shares of top 50 companies listed on the national stock exchange.

If buyers are more (Demand >supply) then the prices moves up. Similarly if sellers are more (Supply > demand) than buyers the prices will fall. Moreover this supply and demand work on many factors like positive and negative news about the company, introducing new product and many more.

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