What are The Causes of Bald-Head in Telugu

Bald Head Causes:

What are The Causes of Bald-Head and Treatment Baldness Is A Grossly Genetically, Inherited Problem! It May Come After 20 Or 30 Years, Some Of Them May Come After 50 Years. Hair Gaining The Effect Of Hormones As It Grows Older Is Somewhat Natural. But The Rapidly Deteriorating Situation Can Lead To ‘Baldness’. There Are Many Theories About Baldness, Mainly Male Hormone Testosterone.

For Genetic Reasons, The Feeling That The Hair Is The Hair Hydrone Testosterone, It Is Strongly Understood That The Hair Is Rapidly Causing Hair Loss. That Is Why The Baldness Begins At The Beginning Of The Growth Of The Testosterone Level In The Old Age. While The Hair On The Head Looks The Same, They Are Different From The Hormones. The Hormone Effect On The Forehead, The Forehead Is More On The Skin. That’s Why There Are Some Balds On The Back .. On The Other Side, Some Hair Is Left Densely.

Vayasu Peruguthunte Vachhe Chikakulu Suchanalu

* It Is A Misunderstanding That Bald Men Will Come. Because It Appears In Women Too.

* Most Of The Shampoos And Water They Use Have Been Thin, But Their Effect Is Very Low.

* 80-90 Percent Of Genes And Heredity Characteristics Are The Source Of Baldness.

* Anyone In The Parents May Have A Bald No Child. Even If They Do Not Have One, They May Have Inherited Generations From The Previous Generations. The Genetic Effect Is Not To Be In All The Same Way. One Can Not Come And Get Someone Else

these are the reasons you may get bald head should know what is the problem and how to resolve it.

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What are The Causes of Bald-Head in Telugu

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