How to loose weight
here its not banana its its banana’s trees trunk it may be utilize to loose 
your weight “for dieting also”

loose weight

 how it is used i e you just take small quantity of stirred curd add this trunks juice (not whole trunks quantity just take small quantity cut some piece open the layers take inside and mix it. “take that juice mix with the curd add some salt then have it  for this you may really feeling lite . try this .


lemon tips”

Weight Loss

we can use it as a different ways”

1. for fitness and loose weight :Take one slice of lemon squeeze that juice in warm water add some honey if you wish to take it with empty stomach. 

2. if you have any digestion problem plz have lemon juice with some salt  then you feel better .

3. when you afraid something  you just keep lemon with you you may fells good 


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