Ways Money Home Stock market Freelancer

Make Money Fast From Home as a Freelancer   

Ways Money Home Stock market Freelancer Stock market Freelancer

Stock market Ways to Make (Earn) Money from Home Stock market Freelancer is nothing but earn money and loose money  but we all expecting earning and gain money .so nobody want to loose money .what we do ?however we use to earn  money right.   so lets go how to start earn money daily, weekly, monthly and yearly . why i am saying like this these many variations  its totally depends on ourselves means according to market levels.

 share market Free stock images Ways Money Home Stock market Freelancer 

lets begin : before earning money in stock market we use to take (open an account)  this account name is called Demat account have you heard about this  i think so , i may not think so . whatever first open #Demat in securities agencies like some come companies ill suggest you comment on this

similarly bank account means our money is in our account only nobody can cheat us so, we can dare to take account .that money comes under you. after opening demat a/c  it will take minimum three days or max one week.
this is what how to open a/c with safely  .
 different types a/c’s
1.     EQuity
1.     Commodity
   “nifty,sensex, “

Sensex nifty yes all of you waiting the main thing” how to earn money “so, here we have so many stocks are available

Equity stocks: banking , infrastructureetc..
Commodities: gold, silver ,copper etc…

How to trade in Stock market means

what is trading 

 how the stock market works 

After opening demat a/c . will get some id . by using this id and pw we can trade and earn money like 100’s ,1000’s & lacs also according to your investing money . trading stocks .

so many stocks are available  in as shown in below fig:
Stock market
Stock market Freelancer
so we have so my stocks in the terminal you just buy  and sell if you get profit on that stock .otherwise you can leave it for some days till you get profit . then you can earn like this
how to trade means  you just choose one stock buy some quantity for  example:                       facebook                      
                                      stock price is =  30rs                                     
                                      quantity         =  50 
                                      Total              =  30*50  =1500 rupees 
from this if you get 10rs profit  per one quantity means 500 from one stock similarly you can buy some other products and earn like this three stocks will get 500rs hen you can easily earn daily 1000 to 5000 rupees
NOTE:Be careful do not waste your money learn perfect  before trading. it means choose good stocks .


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