TSGENCO JAO SYLLABUS |Telangana genco junior accounts officers syllabus

Here you can find TSGENCO JAO SYLLABUS

  1. Advanced Accountancy and Financial Management
  2. Basic concepts and conventions- Accounting process up to and including preparation of Final Accounts.
  3. Bank Reconciliation
  4.  Bills of Exchange
  5.  Errors and their rectification
  6.  Consignments 
  7. Depreciation, Provisions and Reserves
  8. Self-Balancing Ledgers
  9.  Royalties, Hire Purchase and Installment System
  10.  Accounts form incomplete records
  11.  Accounts of Non-Trading concerns
  12.  Partnership Accounts (including Admission, Retirement, death and dissolution)
  13.  Branch Accounts
  14.  Company Accounts- issue and forfeiture of shares and debentures- redemption of debentures-bonus shares- Final Accounts
  15.  Amalgamation, Absorption and Reconstruction
  16.  Valuations of Goodwill and s shares
  17.  Ratio Analysis
  18.  Accounting Standards
  19.  Financial Statement Analysis
  20.  Working Capital
  21.  Funds Flow and Cash Flow  

  2) Costing

  1. a) Fundamentals b) Materials c) Labour Costs d) Overheads e) Methods of Costing – i) Unit or Output costing ii) Job and Contract Costing iii) Operating Costing  iv) Process Costing f) Marginal Costing g) Standard Costing and Variance Analysis


 3) Auditing

  1. a) Fundamentals
  2. b) Internal Check and Control
  3. c) Vouching and Verification
  4. d) Audit of Companies
  5. e) Divisible Profits
  6. f) Audit and Investigation

4) Budget

  1. a) Budgetary Control

 5) Taxation –  GST Act, Rules and IT Act & Rules

6) Other Industrial Acts

  1. a) Electricity Act – 2003 b) EPF & MP Act –1952 c) ESI Act — 1948 d) Minimum Wages Act – 1948 e) Contract Labour Act – 1970 (Regulation and Abolition)

JAO SYLLABUS “Junior Accounts officers” syllabus 


Test of English Language

General Awareness, Logical Reasoning and Numeritical Ability.

  1. i) Analytical & Numeritical Ability.
  2. ii) Logical Reasoning

iii) Decision making and problem solving

  1. iv) Inter-personal skills including communication skills
  2. v) General Awareness(current events of National & International importance)
  3. vi) Telangana Movement & Movement

– The idea of Telangana ( 1948 to 1970) – Mobilization phase ( 1971- 1990) – Towards formation of Telangana State (1991- 2014)

vii)Computer Applications & Skills


The test will be of objective type with multiple-choice questions with only one answer being correct among the four alternatives suggested.

  1. A separate O M R (Optical Mark Reader) answer sheet with the carbon impression paper will be provided to the candidates. The candidate has to indicate his response to each question by darkening the appropriate bubble with a Black Ball Point pen. No corrections with white fluid will be permitted.
  2. The candidate has to bring a good quality Black Ball point pen to the examination hall










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