Danger apps of social media
Danger apps

If you download this apps you are

in danger zone

so what are the danger apps and why we do not download that apps what is the reason and why we gonna danger whats wrong with the apps and how dangerous and what are those let us know.this is not useful at safe side i am just giving the information i hope you understand.frankly i am educating you. which is totally illegal apps not legal so,

Here we can visit the danger apps                                                                       The dangers of social media 

what are the top 4 apps

1.WhatsApp Sniffer: This top apps gonna

Dangerous apps
Dangerous apps you never touch

read your whats app messages if you download it. which is complete illegal app. it can read every message what  you receive and send so be care full. it reads only when you have same wifi connection.

2.Video mix: I think you people understand what i am gonna tell you exactly which is regarding movies this app gonna release new films illegal. present which is regards in hollywood movies however we do not have right to release someones stuff means we should not stole others stuff and hard work and this may be illegal know obviously it is illegal not only this one whatever it is we should work for legal not for illegal.

3.Droidsheep:  social media dangerous apps it reads your facebook messages.

without your permission without knowing you so it is also illegal app do not download.that is why i am saying not me our techies said that apps are under illegal.

if we use this app unnecessarily face problems. so be safe use safe apps.

nobody can work for bad if we work its punishes wherever and whatever that’s it .

4.DroidSQLI: which is Hack (Hizak)the we should not Download if you  download lets get in to the danger as per our technical person said.

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