Benefits of Thaatibellam #jaggery

ThatiBellam Enti taatibellam Upayogalu Thaati bellam bellame kadu idi oka manchi oushadam ani cheppochu ee thati bellam lo enno oushada gunalu unnai  thaati bellam vadandi rogalu rakunda vachina rogalanu nayam chesukondi kinda telipina vidamga  mari a oushada gunalento chudandi Thaatibellam upayogalu in telugulo

It controls BP sugar  due to Potassiam

Mangu machalu nalla machalu pogotte adbutamina chitka




Menstrual problems ni taggistundi menstrual pain rakuna Inka malabaddakam problem unnavallu kuda thaati pellam tinte malabaddakam samasya taggutundi Inka cancer vanti rogalu kuda rakunda prevent chestundi taggistundi Inni oushada gunalu unna thaati bellam miru kuda tini miloni rogalanu nirodinchukondi Inka andaru face chese athi pedda samasy sharira baruvu adika baruvunu tagginchukovalante inthakann oushadam verokati ledu so roju koncham thaati bellam teesukuni milo ni adika baruvunu tagginchukondi

Amazing Health Benefits Of toddy  Palm Jagger y(Thati Bellam) తాటి బెల్లం విశిష్టతలు

Palm #jaggery is not jaggery  this is the best medicine for health palm jaggery has so many healthy Nutrition so try to use #palm jaggery to prevent health issues Palm jaggery is an excellent substitute for white sugar. Let’s put it this way-As compared to white sugar that is devoid of nutrients, palm jaggery is a nutritious sweetener. All the Phytonutrients of white sugar get flushed out during processing. Apart from its sweet taste, it contains no nutrient. On the other hand, jaggery is processed without any chemicals or artificial ingredients. So, it is a healthy and natural sweetener.

#ThatiBellam Enti #Taatibellam Upayogalu

#Palmjaggery is the most beneficial and nutrient-rich variety of raw jaggery. It is prepared from palm tree extract and is loaded with minerals and vitamins. However, some people dislike its appearance. It is also pricey. But palm jaggery benefits are enviable because of its medicinal properties, you won’t really mind it!

Toddy is looks like black brown it is toddy is so useful and healthy jaggery use it in your daily food little it gives amazing health benefits so do

Note :use jaggery instead of sugar is that to #palmjaggery in telugu #thaatibellam

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