Tensions building between china and Taiwan- will china go for war?
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Tensions building between china and Taiwan- will china go for war?

Attentions have raising sharply after the Nancy Patricia Pelosi (United States House Speaker) visit to Taiwan. Beijing now announced now that it will hold military exercises that include live fire drills in six zones surrounding Taiwan. The drills was started today afternoon local time of the waters of coast of Taiwan expected to continue for 5 days till the 8th of august, this will include long range live ammunition shooting. They will place multiple zones circling Taiwan.

At some points it is just 20kms from the shores of Taiwan. The areas which appeared to be closer to mainland Taiwan. Now the Chinese media described the exercises as unprecedented and confirmed that missiles will fly over the Taiwan for the first time. The Taiwan Strait separates China and Taiwan which lies 130kms of sea in between them. Incase if China want to attack Taiwan it requires to deploy fighter jets & battle ships.

Taiwan has condemned the drill and claimed that it is threat to national security and declared emergency situation to the nation. Tsai ing-wen president of Taiwan, says their military was prepared to stop and fight against the republic of Chinese army.

Taiwanese defense ministry has confirmed that an unidentified air crafts entered into the Taiwan air space. As a reply Taiwanese naval forces have released their jets into the air to spread a message that they’ll not hesitate to shut down if necessary.

As the tensions are escalating between the two nations, the Group of seven countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, The United Kingdom, USA & European Union) condemning China for their aggressive actions against Taiwan Strait. Meanwhile US does not want China not to turn against Taiwan showing Nancy Pelosi’s visit and they were ready to face any challenges to reduce tensions between the two nations for a promising world peace.

Why is Pelosi set to visit Taiwan despite China’s warning?

Despite China’s warnings not to visit Taiwan, including Biden’s subtle warning as well, that he is not in favor of such a trip at this time; US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had visited Taiwan makes her the firs highest ranked US official to visit Taiwan in last 25 years. Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan would be directly and seriously violating the One-China Policy. Pelosi has stated a clear support to Taiwan’s democracy and they’ll be stated to agreements for they will state obedience in indo-pacific region. Tensions been escalating as china has promised to escalate military actions.

Reason for the conflict between China and Taiwan:

When we think about china, it is known for its largest landscape which makes it as a second largest country in the world. It’s has various traditions and cultures at the different parts of the nation. You’ll surprised to know there is another which claims that it is the true china and that is Taiwan. All this because China has two governments. Let’s go back to history Taiwan is a small island and that has been controlled by different parties.

  • It was controlled by the Dutch in the 17th Century
  • For some period it was ruled by china’s Qing Dynasty
  • It was controlled by japan for a long time from 1895 till the end of World War 2

Taiwan was under the control of japan till end of World War 2. Even today, Taiwanese culture has Japanese influences in it. In World War 2, 2 lakh Taiwanese soldiers fought for japan. After 1945 lots of reforms and changes in the ideology results in wars. One side was western democracy and on the other side was communist USSR. USSR succeeded in grabbing the attention of world and that impact makes communist forces with in china getting stronger under the leadership of Mao, at that time China was ruled by Republic of China.

A Civil war has started in china in 1949, The Chinese communist party won this civil war and the china’s old government fled to Taiwan and shifted base there. From 1928 to 1949, the Chinese flag was the one Taiwan uses today. The flag of china today’s represents that signifies the control of the China Communist Party on China and this is the story of two governments of china.

If we see in history of these two nations there was neither treaty no any agreement has signed between these two nations. This means the war between these two nations never ended. The conflict has never been resolved.

  • Taiwan believes China’s true government is in Taiwan. This Government has rights not only over Taiwan, but also on mainland China and the China Communist Party has illegally occupied China.
  • China CCP government has adopted a policy known as one China policy. People’s Republic of China claims that Taiwan is a part of China as well.

If this problem is not solved with words or diplomatically, China can take actions against Taiwan. They consider Taiwan as their internal matter.

So is Taiwan a separate country or is it a part of China?

Taiwan is not a part of United Nations. Only 15 countries recognize Taiwan as a country. Mostly, these are small nations. Even America does not officially consider Taiwan as a separate nation but Taiwan is a modern democracy but not China, thus it become an unofficial ally for USA. Even Joe Biden(USA President) has given a statement that if China attacks Taiwan they’ll start defending Taiwan with physical presence in the war.

Many political experts saying that “Pelosi visit to Taiwan can trigger to World War 3”.


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