Tell About Your Self in Telugu Simple

Tell About Your Self in Telugu Simple Way To Grab the Jobs Say Confidently What you Talk and polite Dynamic okay Introduce your self like First of all You Need to tell Your Name as we said below and how to Develop your Engilsh and Improve your Communication skills

Your Name : Iam gopal or My name is Gopal Like this Do not mention i myself Best to use My name is gopal you can tell okay next

tell about your Studies if you completed your degrees then you said that

For example: I have completed my B Tech in ECE so and so year like 2012 like that

If you are Studying not Finished your degrees then use I am Studying Bachelors degree , I am Studying Maters Degree do not use Pursuing okay if you are completed your degree Recently then use Recently like

i have completed My B Tech Recently

Tell About Your Self in Telugu

Tell about Your Work I f you are Working in such a company you tell like i am work as software Developer or Digital marketing like this okay

i have Been Working as Digital Marketing in Anvipro IT solutions pvt limited For One Year

i have Been Working as Digital Marketing in Sukibava Consultancy Pvt Limited for 3 years

Now You tell About Your Background

What is your father, Mother and Siblings siblings means Brothers and sisters

for example :

My Father is Government Employee in So and so Company

My mother is Home maker

I have 3 siblings 2 brothers ,one sister or how many you have that much you can express to interviewer, Now where you From suppose i am residing at ameerpet etc.. or you Belongs to AP Native of ongole that is it Finished

Now You have any queries like if you change your company

Why you change your comapany ?

Why Because i have an Health Issue so and so that climate is not comfortable often i attack health problems like this you can convey your feelings in positive way not negative

Do not give such a Reasons salary not increased, Boss is not Good

Finally I conclude it

Strengths: Quick learner ,I am Good at Computers , I can Take any work Responsibility when it Need


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