Healthy Telangana Rasam Powder Recipe at home within minutes 

Rasam powder

How to make Telangana rasam powder recipe at home with easy ingredients and very easy you can make it at home within minutes
actually i went to my sisters home at that time she gave lunch and she made very different dishes in that i like rasam finally i do not know that flavour is very delicious and happily i ate and asked how you made this rasam what is the name of the powder the she replied me nono , it is not available in market i just made it with very simple ingredients then she revealed it its really amazing and wonderful thought and i like it so much if you try you definitely like it. 

Rasam powder recipe at home                                              let see what are the ingredients  For rasam powder

  • Asafoetida 50gms
  • Vaamu 100gms
  • Miryalu(Pepper) 100gms
Rasam ingredients

wow very simple know then why do not try and have tasty rasam with rasam powder.

Procedure: so all are very healthy ingredients if we make it there is know chemicals very natural and healthy delicious rasam this 

Vaamu is good relief for digestion and acidity,                     

Asafoetida is also good for digestion problems and 

Pepper is also a good for digest and improves stomach problems.

Here we can provide all varieties of foods which you have already know or unknown recipes with very simple method


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