stye , కనురెప్పలోపలగాని- బైటగాని లేచిన కంటి కురుపు (సెగ గడ్డ)

Stye, eyelid-bleeding eyelid (segregated

Stye pimple on eyelid do styes itch stye symptoms  Whether it’s a man, no matter how healthy it is, why not If you are healthy, you can live in the envelope.

Treatment should take immediate treatment. The real way of life is to live a healthy life. Now – (Stye), let alone know about the bleeding-eyebrow eye (sage) – let’s protect our health! Below is the first treatment described for man’s awareness only to consult appropriate medical professionals for better treatment …

Sty (Stye): Eyelash, Seagull. Like the ‘chalazion’ which is borne from the Mayobian glands. The eyelid is the point of the injector .. is called lipogranuloma cysts. Painful nodules are long lasting days to heal, which are usually borne on the eye of the eye. Stye is born on the edge of the eyelid.

Eye on the eyelids causes some eye problems. This is due to the bacterial joints, the closure of the sebaceous glands of Zeis on the eyelid. If itching eyes itchy, the next step is to get another sucker. There is a risk of contracting the epidermis from one of these to the other. Soap and towel should not be used for other children.

Stye pimple on eyelid do styes itch stye symptoms Characteristics:

Seba Sius, which is on the edge of the eyelid, causes the inflammation of the gland, causing a lot of pain to the eye.

  1. This causes the eye to become red.
  2. Inflammation occurs on the eyelid.
  3. This small ulcerous ulcer is a painful occasion when the eyebrow stops on the edge of the eyebrow.
  4. Eyes are burning.
  5. There is something in the eye.
  6. There is a decrease in the eyesight.
  7. Water and fuzzy in the eye.



Staphylococcus is often caused by bacteria in the staphylococcus aurous.

If the nights do not sleep, the eye lasts for a while.

With a balanced diet,

Eye is more common in those who lack the cleaner.

Because the eyes are very good for any reason,

stye eye relief in telugu version Home healing/  

A spoon of boric powder is melted in a sieve of water … Wash the eyelids with water 4-5 times a day. Infection decreases and loses.

Such a shovel should be heated. By doing this fourteen times a day is a good result.

Add a spoon of liquid to a cup of water and then wash it off after four days in the eye.

Heat the jam leaf and put the hot leaf in the cloth and shove it to it.

Clove in a water cloth and put it on the eyelid.

Eye curling should be soaked for two days. (again) will not come again.

One cup of water must be combined with two or three alum beads to clean the eyes. Or

You can also use quartz phosmos (which can be found in Ayurvedic medicines). This causes swelling of the eye and inflamed eyelids to normal. Watering also decreases.

stye kanureppalapi gani kannu bayata kurupu vaste

A glass of water sprinkles a teaspoon of turmeric powder. This problem is solved as the aqueous glass of water is diluted and cleaned by a clean cloth, making two or three drops in the eye. It can be used as ‘I drops’.

Palm seed should be applied in a painkillers area of ​​the eye that is painted well on a stone.

If the dried layer on the onion is burned on fire and put on the blot on the eye of the mouth, it will heal the stomach quickly.


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