Stock Market Timings in 22 Which time is best to buy shares and profits and How easy to earn money in stock market What is intraday and how it works how to invest in stock market how to buy and sell shares on market to earn lot of money…. Learn so many things here and choose stocks wisely know full details of stock market…

What are the Stock Market Timings:

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Stock Market Timings in 22

Indian stock markets will be closed on every Saturday, Sunday and on public listing holidays. Everyday share market trading runs from 09.15am to 3.30pm.

  • Pre-opening session: 09.00am to 09:15am, in this period of time the price of a particular share will decided.
  • Normal Trading session: 09.15am to 3.30pm, trading session will be started and here transactions will be completed through bilateral matching system. If the buying price of a stock matches with another selling price then trade will be proceeded. In normal trading 25-30min markets will be volatile it means we can observe quick rise and falls of prices. In order to reduce this volatility pre-opening session has been established. In Indian stock market most of the traders prefer to trade on normal trading sessions.
  • Closing price calculation session: 3.30pm to 3.40pm, in this period stock closing price will be calculated. The closing price is not exact market closing price it will be decided in the closing session.
  • Post-closing session: 03.40pm to 04.00pm, in this period the trades which we brought will available to buy or sell on closing price of the particular stock.

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     If we are unable to place an order in between 09.00am to 04.00pm, some third-party agents will provide service to order facility aftermarket hours. In this session actual trading will not happen but instead pre-orders will be available.


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