Peda Madyataragati Budgets

Peda Madyataragati Budget 2019-2020 Middle class budget in this year 2019-2020.Piyush goyal preents budget in parliament.

Budget prakatinchina piyush goyal NOow they ar ereleasing only trailer not full details of budget in 2019 why because elections due to elections they release like that after finishing elections full budget will said by pradan mantri Mr Modi .

let see what are those :

Peda Madyataragati Budgets

Budget Highlights: who Benifited

at present they release only budget trailers regarding Formers,Labours,and others… is really good for formers here 12 crore formers is going to benifited in this budget they will get direct transaction will happend to their account

2.10 crores of karmikulu get benifited by this budget if labours karmikulu will pay 100 per month after their age at 60 then government will pay pension to karmikulu that is 3000rs per month and karmikula pramada bima insurance ranges from rupees 150000 to 600000 rupees

3.Ujwala Yozana is 8 lakhs Free Gas Connections

4. For railways get 64500 crores got released in 2019-2020

5.For sc,st society get Rupees:76,800 crores

6.In upcoming 5 years 34 crores janadhan accounts

7.5 ekarala lopu rythulaku samvastaraniki 6000 rupees for the farmer means per month former get 17 rupees this is not okay said by rahul for former support scheme which provides 6k per year  for farmers owning 5 acres .

8.For Goshala

9. prathi kutumbaniki 5lakh coverage per year

10.Jaathiya arogya pathakam kinda pedalaku 10 kotla kutmbalaku families ki coverage

by this budet of Peda Madyataragati Budgets 2019-2020 totally 3 crores of people get benefited Total rupees are 18.500 crores .

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