pawankalyan fans poland Zbigs

Pawan Kalyan Fan Poland Zbigs (Bujji) Warning to Sri Reddy PawanKalyan fans Poland Zbigs He is big fan of pawankalyan  from poland previously he sung a song kodaka koteshwar rao very qutely because of himself our songs became popular in poland also. Pawan Kalyan Fan Poland Zbigs he is so qute  to react on srireddy how dare you to scold my pawan kalyan sir and how dare to scold my pawankalyan’s mother you have done  mistake srireddy how dare you you do not have no right to scold my pawan,how dare you have to show middle finger to my pawankalyan sir .

He Pawankalyan Fans poland Zbigs fires on sri reddy very strongly and so qute

so qute when he is talking really nice. always he reacts on pawankalyans whatever it is he pawankalyanfan poland Zbigs reacts if any film of pawankalyan or any situation of pawan kalyan not only this guy pawankalyan all fans are strongly warns sri reddy so see hoew following for pawankalyan really great

Madavilatha silent protest to support pawankalyan

Madavilatha silent protest against sri reddy
Madavilatha silent protest against sri reddy

Pawankalyan fans Madavilatha who acts in films  Today Madavilatha actor is also reacts on sri reddy’s like she has protest like silent “Mounadeeksha” The actress continued with her protests. This time, she went ahead and abused Pawan Kalyan on Television. In a dramatic reaction, she also slapped herself with a slipper because she regretted calling Pawan Kalyan her brother. Her protest did not go on down well among other actors and actresses. While Varun Tej and Nithiin indirectly took a dig at her on social media, an actress by the name Madhavi Latha decided to stage a protest outside the Chamber in support of Pawan Kalyan. But as per the latest updates, the police intervened and asked her to leave the premises immediately. Pawan Kalyan on Sri Reddy controversy: Rather than sensationalism, she should immediately go and file complaints with the police

Only recently another actress held a press meeting to talk about certain allegations against her and about Sri Reddy


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