Options Market What Is Call Options and Put Options

How to Buy Call Options Put Options in Stock Market                                     

Options Market What Is Call Options and Put Options

Options Market Introduction:call and put options


#stockmarket trading ways to make money fast what is call option and put options and how to buy options futures how to make money with trading in options  it is so easy if you understand once,  and quickly income according to our choosing stock.Here ,you can see what is call option ,what is put option and how to make money by trading options Market Stock market Freelancer

What Is The Difference Between Call Put Options


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its really excited to earning money but you should choose best option if you choose best share  you will earn best money lots of money you will definitely see a profits that to its so quick money by low investment .  for example:  if you take one call option on nifty i e

What Is The Difference Between Call Put Options Market Options Market What Is Call Options and Put Options #StockMarketNifty Today = 7665 

so if you assume it should be increase on this month is 7800

then you can take call of that option cost.

#optionsmarket calculations:    7665 = 6 rs assume 

 call(buy)= 100(quantity)*6=600 rupees 

if it is increased by  60 rs it may increase next day or some other day 
total how much it is =6000 rs . 
by choosing right option call otherwise you loose 600 rs  of your account .
            put option here we use to buy put option but  here that nifty should be decrease if it decreases then will get profit. otherwise loose that is the simple difference between call and put . you  can use to take other stocks also not only on nifty but i would like take nifty only. whatever it may be you need profits to enjoy . 

what is Stock Market and how it works

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stock image sites
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trading intraday when you trade intraday you think wisely and get analysts suggestions pick the right stock and trade you really want to trade ill suggest some companies and you can do at home i e  SHARE KHAN ,KOTAK,IIFLetc,,you can found and enjoy and make money every day with by using intelligence.


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