Numaish-Nampally Exhibition-Revenue-Details

Numaish-Nampally Exhibition-Revenue-Details at hyderabad when it starts and when numaish nampally exhibition closed what are the items will sell how people attracts for it is that things cheap or reasonable or expensive in this what are the specials we can get from exhibition so how much revenue generates from this nampally exhibition at hyderabad within period
everything is explained here…..

actually when it was started ?it numaish was started in 1938 by group of osmania graduates first upol it was started 100 stalls showcase
only at public gardens after that venue shifted into exhibition grounds at nampally railway station.

Entries are like this to exhibition grounds

There are three entry points: Gate No. 1 (Gandhi Bhavan Gate),

Gate No. 2 (Ajanta Gate),

Gate No.3 (Goshamahal Gate). The Ajanta Gate is the main entrance and the biggest.

entry and parking vehicles are allows till 4pm here parking charges for four wheeler is 50 rs ,and two wheeler for 20 rs

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What are the products in exhibition

items from all over india handmade garments from Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh, like especially handicrafts from allover india electronic goods of the best brands in the country. There are special stalls organized by different ladies groups, convicts and much more you can find everything what not find local things like clothes chappal,jewellery handmade jewellery vases carpets,bedsheets etc…..

Numaish Nampally Exhibition Revenue Details

Time period of numaish nampally exhibition from ist january 2019 to 15th feb 2019 means total 46 days. in this period so many lakhs of people can visits and earnings in crores we can expect for example in previous time 21 lakhs of people visited and earns 13 crores of money in only few days

By this we can estimate how much it earns now just for knowing the things how much demand it has

surveillance and other cultural activities also available

surveillance is also there be careful very strict security 25 cctvs watching you zooming you enjoy the exhibition and grab the new variety things .


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