Non Touch Screen PC/Laptop Turn Touch Screen

ARE you getting Bored with old pc/laptop so, Non Touch Screen PC/Laptop Turn Touch Screen How to convert nontouch screen laptop or pc converts to touch

laptop turn to touchscreen
old laptop turn to touchscreen

screen, old laptop turn to touchscreen ,How to convert ? is that easy to convert or hard to make it touchscreen.everybody is so excited to know without purchasing new laptop which had already touchscreen pc rite so, there is one option How to convert into Non Touch Screen PC/Laptop to touchscreen ,so you no need to purchase new laptop/pc, without purchasing you have an option i hope you like this before that we need to meet  Swedish company Neonode,

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Swedish company Neonode/

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old laptop turn to touchscreen

has brought to you a new device. which is called AIR BAR. It brings the touch technology to virtually any computer from your non-touch laptops to notebooks .Touch screen has become a popular feature on laptops these days, and many laptops are moving towards having touch screens, but not every laptop or desktop model comes with the now you may understand non touch screen  laptop/PC  turn touchscreen with he help of airbar device .

 Non Touch Screen PC/Laptop Turn Touch Screen, touch screen laptop  

How to use Airbar

by using airbar device old laptop turn to touchscreen

its look like USB card  we need to buy  it will be available in online stores that is cheapnbeststore you can easily found here in online shop it costs around 6600 rupees.  you need plugin the airbar to laptop like usb card then  attach as shown in fig.then your system become turns into touch screen. now you can start by touch to work .

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