Healthy beauty tips


Means when you do yoga it gives healthy health as well as beauty 

 health tips daily 15 minutes is not a problem  .  in these yoga some kind of yogasanaas  ill tell u  ie:    padmasana for  breathing .inhale and exhale gives it will useful for stomach become flat you may become like that girl. as shown in fig;

How to Yoga good for health 

Yoga will help you many ways yoga is very good for health
  1. Fitness:while you start doing yoga automatically you really become fit mentally and physically you are ultimate fitness so go for yoga to become fitness.
  2. Glowing face:Yes everybody is so interested who not try for this everybody wants to look like Beautiful gorgeous if you really want to glow your face do yoga excersize instead of using chemical products.this will become physically fit and glowing your face.
  3. Active
  4. Wise
  5. Mind fresh 



Do u know why people doing yoga in every morning there is kind of secrets that is beauty 

when you do daily yoga our face is glowing so very active ” our mind is so fresh and wisely thinking our body is flexible to do activities 

you blush may be like this 

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