Microsoft Word Training Online Free Course


Here you can learn ms -word what is Ms Word and how it works Microsoft Word Training Online Free Course.Word Processing Is The Processing Of Textual Information That May Include The Typing, Editing And Formatting Of Information By Using Various Ways And Printing It After Processing According To The Requirement. The Word Processing Can Be Done By Using A Word Processor.

Microsoft Word Training Online Fee Course

Features Of Good Word Processor

a) A Good Word Processor Should Give A Good View Of The Document While The Document Is Being Types So That The Mistakes Can Easily Removed

b)A Good Word Processor Should Print A Relatively Error Free Document In The Desired Format

C) It Should Have A Number Of Menus And Commands That Are User Friendly And Give The Path For Working With Its Environment

D) There Should Be The Prevision To Import And Export The Text Data That Is (I.E) Document(Files).

E) A Good Word Processor Should Have Different Tools In Toolbox For The User’s Help And Which Can Be Readily Accessed by Using  The Mouse Pointer.

F) It Should Have The Feature To Execute The Commands Both By Using Keyboard As Well As By Mouse.

G) It Should Be Able To Change The Fonts And Size Of Letters Of The Selected Text According To Choice

H) It Should Provide The Facility To Boldface, Italic Or Underline The Selected Text .Also Print The Selected Text In Superscript And Subscript Style So That Performance Of The Document Is Enhanced.

I) A Good Word Processor Should Have The Justification Facility So That The Text Can Be Left Justified, Right Justified, Centered Or Fully Justified. Justification Means Alignment Of The Text

Microsoft Office Microsoft Word Training Online free

J) It Should Be Able To Change The Fonts And Size Of Letters Of The According To Choice

K) It Should Provide The Facility To Define Header And Footer In A Formatted Document And Also Create Footnotes And End notes.

L) There Should Be A Provision To Cut, Copy And Paste, L.E., Copy And Move The Text From One Location To Another In The Same Document Or From One Selected Document Another Document.

M) It Should Provide The Facility To Search The Selected Text From Entire Document At Any Location And Also Replace The Searched Text According To Choice.

N) It Should Have The Facility To Work With Pictures, Graphs And Charts So That Graphic Environment Can Be Created In A Document.



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