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Madata pette phone in market which is called by name samsung Galaxy fold this samsung galaxy phone has wonderful features compare to smart phone idi samsung galaxy fold dinni telugulomadtapette phone ani antaru

idi twaralo market lo ki rabotundi samsung galaxy fold madata pette phone ga cheptaru dinilo chala features unnai smartphone kante manchi features dilo unnayata madata phone enti anukuntunara adem ledandi samsung galaxy fold perulone undiga adenandi ee phone ni madtapetti vadukovachu annmata. mari ee madtapette phone features enti eppudu marketloki rabotundi cost enta enni mega pixel untadi let see

Samsung Galaxy Fold Phone explained Telugu

Samsung Galaxy Fold phone price,release

Madata Pette Phone Galaxy Fold phone price,release Telugu

samsung galaxy fold phone features enti ? samsung galaxy fold phone eppudu release autundi ? samsung galaxy fold phone price cost entha?

samsung galaxy fold phone will released in 2019 april in US its cost is so expensive in dollars i can say $1980,and in may 3rd europe currency is 2000 euros making it comfortably more expensive than pretty much every other mainstream smartphone on the market.Those are the only official prices we have right now . 16-megapixel ultra-wide camera, alongside 12-megapixel wide-angle and telephoto cameras at the rear, and a 10-megapixel cover camera for selfies.

Samsung Galaxy Foldable phone features

Samsung is also creating four different colors for the Galaxy

ee samsung galxy phone lo features chala chala bagunayata fold cheyochu annapude adi enta baga build aindo so okesaari moodu apps run cheyochata apps entante whatsapp,youtube,ms office ante it is not normal really amazing fold chesukovachu multiple apps okesari vadochu inkem kavali anduke ee phone dara mamooluga ledu chala karidindi chala secure kuda mari… chinnaga madichi pocket lo pettukovachu vadetappudu pedaga terichi istanusaram vadochu idi samsung galaxy fold phone sangati.

Apps like WhatsApp, Microsoft Office, and YouTube have all been optimized for the new display and modes, and Samsung has been working with Google to ensure Android 9 Pie fully supports this display.


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