Love Failures Enduku Jarugutunai 2020

Love Failures Enduku Jarugutunai 2020 Happy Valentine’s Day 2020 Special Gifts and how to express Your Feelings to your loved one’s find the solutions here …. Find Beautiful Soul and Say welcome to Inside Beautiful One Do Not Miss them In Your Life if you miss You Never Get Back true Soul so You can live with lies with life Long and Celebrating Valentine Week

Happy Valentine’s Day 2020

Express your true love to your Girlfriend Boyfriend Find true Girlfriend/ Boyfriend and success your love Do not cheat your Girl Friend or Boyfriend if your is love is real definitely success full. love is so sensitive love never see whether you are Rich, Poor , Educated, illiterate etc.. especially everybody attracts outside appearance but it will vanish gradually but your beautiful soul will never vanish so think and find your real love then marry and live forever happy .

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Remember Real LOVE wont see your Background , your Color Nothing just happened in fraction of seconds that is no body can define Love when, where it happens and why it happens so that feeling is amazing thats it

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and last but Not Least Iam gonna express here in telugu what actually happens in Love and 75% of Loves Failures Happens Why

Meereppudina Alochinchara Nenu Alochinchaledu kani ardamindi recent ga oka chinna quote chusinappudu Entante Manam Okarani Korukuntamu Ame Inkokarini Korukuntundi Endukila jarugutundantaru nenemalochinchnate kaavalanndanni vaddanukuntaru vaddanukunnadaani kaavalanukuntaru adi pogaruthono, telivi thakkuvathono mari aa time karma phalamo telidu gaani chaala love failures induvalle jarugutunnai avuna kaada?

Konthamandi maatram teliviga alochinchi nirnayam teesukuni emani naanu korukunna vaaditho naa jeevitham baguntundi ani alochinchevallu matrame jeevithamlo saafiga sagistunaru.

MariKondaru love each other these are happy Forever i hope

Nenu korukunna ammaye kaavali leda nenu korukunna abbaye raavali anukunna kondaru success chesukuntaru kondaru etu gakunda unnaru emantaru ide universal truth mikemanipinchindo Cheppandi mari.


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