Kanchana3 Movie Public Review in Telugu

Kanchana3 Movie was Directed by lawrence and Written by lawrence and starring by himself Actress are three they are first film Muni Vedika ,and others like Oviya, Nikkithamboli in lead role. and koveysarala is act as mother for lawrence ,soori anupama kumarProduced by Sun Pictures, the fourth installment in the Muni series and third installment in Kanchana series, the film began production during October 2017 and released on Today April 19 2019.

Kanchana3 Movie Public Review in Telugu

The movie starts with flash back fight scene.The sprit is first possessed in a girl body and was expeled by a foreign exorcist sprit was nailed in a tree.Now The movie moves into the present life Ragava,who lead a happy life.when his brother returns from america.They plan to go to their native village.on their way they unfortunately remove the nails in which the sprits are possess.The sprits now starts to expose them .Things goes on the family struggles to escape but later when the family gets to know about (KALI Raghava Lawrence AND ROSY(Louna Simon)),the family lets the sprit to possess Ragava’S body and revenge their enemies.

Kanchana3 Movie Public Review in Telugu kanchana,kanchana2 now kanchana3 all three movies are awesome said by public and reveal brief about kanchana3 movie so, again choreographer lawrence has hit in his account. this film has horror and comedy 1st half comedy second half is horror with some comedy so finally public said that satisfied with lawarence kanchana3 movie.

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