iPhone 13 Huge Discounts in Telugu
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Iphone 13 Huge Discounts in Telugu Iphone 13 Bumper Offer Huge Discounts in Telugu Here you can find Lots of offers like this find latest offer updates….

IPHONE 13 Actual Price : 90000 – 79000 but now a days so many companies offering like such a discounts by using various process in ecommerce sites so let see what are those offers and how they offered in a various process what are those process.

iPhone 13 Huge Discount offers

find various process below:

Total 21000 rs discounts are available

  1. iphone 13 128 gb is available under 53,550 rs only/- by exchanging offer
  2. Banking Offers by using Cards: you will get 6000 rs discount by using SBI Credit card

Actual price of iphone 13 is 79,900 rs if you buy This iPhone 13 in Amazon you will get 5000n rs discount by that discount you will purchase 74,900 only ….

Exchange offer : if you exchange your mobile from this you will get huge discount that is 15,350 rs

as above said that using bank offers 6000 so total you will get discount 21000rs ….

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Iphone 13 Huge Discounts in Telugu

summary: iphone 13 -128gb

upto 21000 rs discount

Exchange offer :15,350rs

credit card — 6000rs


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