Intraday lo Dabbulu Sampadinchadam ela
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Intraday lo Dabbulu Sampadinchadam ela IN Telugu 22 how many types of trading and how to earn money in telugu

Types of trading:

  • Intraday trading: It means that you buy and sell stocks on the same trading day. Intraday trading requires a trader to be highly alert and grab the short term fluctuations in prices. More analytical and quick decision making skills are required here.
  • Swing trading: it means that a kind of trading in which positions are held for longer than a single day. In swing trading you can take delivery and hold it till you achieve certain percentage of return but here if you trade without analysis then you will have to wait unnecessarily long time and it might happen it will go below your stop less level.

What is intraday How To Earn Money In Intraday
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How to start trading?

Before starting trading you have to change the way of thinking as the trading can only give you irregular income when you are a beginner or an intermediate, for trading it is not mandatory to keep you job, studies aside. Try to spend as much as time in learning and developing the skill by observing market. In the beginning we have to focus on learning the process rather than influenced by cash flow in the market.

In order to start trading we need a Demat Account. Generally these services are provided by the third-party agents. Now a days there are some agents available in the market who will provide the services for free of cost. If you want to buy or sell the stocks most this agents will charge a certain amount in from commissions.

Demat Account in Telugu

Make a watch list of stocks of different good volume stocks in different sectors. We can make a watch list will be in different trading apps and websites. Instead of investing in one stock make it multiple so that the risk of losing money will be eliminated. To choose a watch list try to spend some time to go through the company portfolio, 52 weeks stock performance and business magazines, news, articles and blogs.

Before entering into real-time trading my suggestion is to start paper trading. In this paper trading the funding of real cash will not be required instead some websites will give digital points with no value can be used for trading to apply our strategies for buying and selling of stocks. This will help you get knowledge regarding in market up’s and down’s.

This is The story of Trader

trading in stock market as my goal is to make best trades and money is secondary. Keep patience and make a strategy will help to become a successful trader.


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