Independence day beautiful pics

Independence day Wishes Offers in Amazon Independence day Offers in Amazon and Indian President List

Dr Rajendra prasad (26 January 1950 to 12th may 1962)

Pratibha Mukerji from (5th July 2012-incumbent)

Pratibha Patil (25th July 2007 to 25th July 2012)

A P J Abdul Kalam (25th July 2002 to 25th July 2002)

Independence day Wishes Offers in Amazon

Fancy dress wale independece day

GK Questions

Who Discovered solar system?

Ans: Copernicus

Gas engine was invented?


Who invented the electric bulb?


Who Invented Mobile Phone?

Martin Copper.

Highest dam: Tehri Dam

Highest award: Bharat Ratna

Smallest state by area: Goa

Smallest state by population: Sikkim

Highest water fall: jog falls

Smallest union territory: Lakshadweep

Highest gallantry award: param veer chakra

Rainiest place :Mausinaram

Happy Independence day Offers in Amazon

Top 7 Space Agencies in the world

NASA- The National Aeronautics and space administration…

RFSA-Russian Federation space agency…

ESA: European Space Agency….

ISRO: Indian Space Research Organization…..

CNSA: China National space Administration….

JAXA: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency…

SSI: Space studies institute in California…

15th august Independence Day

26th Republic Day

15th Jan army day

7th December Armed force day

12th Jan national youth day

4th Dec Navy Day

31st may anti-tobacco day

8th march international women’s day

22nd April earths day

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