How to make chicken biryaani in restaurant style

very simple and easy 
chicken biryani


  1. Rice
  2. Chicken
  3. Garam masala
  4. Mint
  5. Coriander
  6. Curd
  7. Color
  8. Red mirchi powder
  9. Green mirchi paste
  10. Oil
  11. Salt
  12. Ginger garlic paste

                first i want to tell you according to your measurements you can do biryaani thats why i did not mention any gms  and all.
now you take chicken wash properly and add these ingrediants as shown in above like ginger garlic paste, mirchi powder, green mirchi paste, iol, salt,mint.garm masala and add some water stir it properly then put it on stove. take rice soak it and semi biol after some time this semi boiled rice can add in that chicken stuff  if you  feel you want to add some water means you can add that semi boiled stock after some time you can add coplor or kesar. thats it . leave it for untli it cook . have a tasty tasty chicken Biryani ready have it with some gravie and some curd.


Here we can provide all varieties of foods which you have already know or unknown recipes with very simple method


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