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How To Pray God Effectively What Are The Prayer Types 

How To Pray For Someone And Types Of Prayers If God Is So Near,Then Why Are Our Prayers Not Always Granted ?The Reason Is Perhaps We Have No Love For Him. Our Prayers Are Mechanical, Just Lip Movements, Perhaps We Are Impatient And Expect Quick Response From God.We Do Not Have The Patience Of Shabari

Who Waited The Arrival Of Rama All Her Life. Perhaps We Doubt The Very Existence Of God And His Redeeming Power We Pray Half Heatedly, Because Someone Suggested Or Forced Us To Do So. Perhaps Our Prayers Are Prompted By Negative Emotions,Such As Anger, Hatred,Greed, Etc.., Which May Harm Us, As Well As Others Perhaps. Perhaps We Are Confused About What To Ask For And What Not To Ask.

How to pray and Benefits of Prayers

God Is Merciful. He Is Like A Wish Fulfilling Tree He Is All -All Knowing And All-Powerful. He Is The Embodiment Of Love And Compassion, And Is Ever Ready To Help Us . Since He Has Created Us, It Is His Responsibility To Protect Us . Out Of Concern And Love For His Children, He Incarnates On This Earth In Evry Age . He Will Certainly Grant Our Prayers,Provided We Make Them A Little Effective With True Devotion And Love For Him.

Devudini Ela Pradiste Korika Neraverutundi Telugu

Prayers Should Be Short,Simple And Meaningful.It Is Better To Pray In Ones Own Mother Tongue Than To Recite Sanskrit Prayers Without Understanding Their Meaning. Prayer Should Not Be Mechanical. The Mind Should Not Be Roam About During Prayer. Prayer With Concentration And Devotion Alone Can Produce Results. We Must Be Able To Feel The Living Presence Of The Divine In The Image Or Photo Which We Worship.

How Many Types of prayers 

It Is Better To Feel His Living Presence Within Our Heart. He Is The Lord Of The Mind And Dwells In The Heart Of Every Being. The Body Itself Is A Temple. We Can Pray To Him By Closing Our Eyes And Visualizing His Presence In Our Heart And Imagining That He Is Listening To Our Prayers With Rapt Attention.

We Should Never Pray For Things Which Disturb The Peace And Happiness Of Others. We May Pray Even For The Welfare Of Our Enemies.Such Prayers Will Free Our Mind From The Idea Of Hatred.

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Let Us Pray With Longing Heart, With Tears In Our Eyes. Let Us Pray From The Bottom Of Our Heart. Let Him Know Our Eagerness To Have His Vision And Let Us Not Leave Him Unless He Responds To Our Prayers



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