Mutton Biryani  


1.     Mutton 
2.     Rice
3.     Curd
4.     Mint
5.     Coriander 
6.     Garam Masala
7.     Iol Or Ghee
8.     Mirchi Powder
9.     Salt
10. Colr
11. Tasting Salt
12. Onions
First You Can Take Some Big Container Now Take Properly Washed Mutton And Add All Those Ingredients One By One Add In That Mutton Like Curd,Mirchi powder,Salt,Mint,Coriander,Onions,Garam Masala, Tasting Salt, Oil Or Ghee Mix It Properly And Add Some Water And Flame It Until That Mutton Cook .Now You Can Take Rice To Boil Not Fully Boiled it should be Semi Boil. If Mutton Ok To Eat Then You Put This Semi Boiled Rice In That Mutton &Give Some Dhum It Then You Add Some Rice Boiled Water & Color. Leave It To Cook And Take Off From The Stove &Add Some Fried Onions Lets Have A Tasty MuttonBiryani. Bakrid Special Mutton Biryani Happy Bakrid  Eid Al Adha

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