Cool for the summer stay cool, Definitely Healthy recipe you need to try this Ho summer  special cool Raagi java and healthy recipe for you 

Instant Raagi java,Healthy recipe,Ragi malt How to make java ,Raagi malt(Finger millet )(Mandua )              

Raagi java,Finger millet

raagi java (Finger millet )(Mandua )


  • Finger millet (ragulu) flour
  • salt
  • water

    Cool for the summer
    so simple ingredients and simple recipe but it is very healthy  if you prefer juices ,cool for the summer,
    drinks all are waste than this my point of view . this will do our body is cool i will give 100%assurance i do not know how to say rather i can say only take healthy  food and be healthy .
    if our body heats a lot in this summer definitely you need to try this

    okay How to make Ragi java  take finger millet flour if you want instant you need to have just finger millet flour that’s enough take the finger millet flour and mix it with water properly and keep it a aside now take one big bowl and add some water. in that bowl now flame it and boil the water after boiling water then add that mixed batter in that boiled water and with low flame and stir it to finger millet to boil complete .add some salt that’s it so simple know

    Ragi java is very healthy and nutritious

    have it healthy  recipe

    Here we can provide all varieties of foods which you have already know or unknown recipes with very simple method


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