Bitterguard curry

1.     bitterguard 1/4 kg
2.     tammerind  50gms
3.     sesame          50gms
4.     onions         2

5.     oil

6.     mirchi powder
7.     salt 
8.     garam masala

9.     ginger garlic paste

“how to cook bitter guard”    
                                ” Make some stuff to insert bitters for that take soaking tammarind fried onions and sesame mirchipowder salt some garammasala mix it fine paste  “
Take bitter just wash with water &cut it like long pieces  take that stuff and fill the bitter its raw bitter dont boiled r fried  fill it and take pan with iol put some ginger garlic paste  then stuffed bitter can put in oil  leave it some time with lid it .  after some time rest of stuff can put again and stir it now you can add some curryleaves and spinache .wait for sometime.thats it dish is ready to eat with rice r chapati.

Here we can provide all varieties of foods which you have already know or unknown recipes with very simple method
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