Potato Chips Crispy

Home Made Potato Chips

Every-bodies favorite snacks are Potato Chips

How to make crispy potato finger chips
so yummy right even i like a lot i think everybody likes Potato Chips who said no to yummy potato chips.Every-bodies favorite snacks  i think our mouth is watering even i had so easy to make our favorite potato chips that to at home wow are u read o make potato chips yummy crisp potato chips alright  do have potatos and water before that i need to tell ingredients  

ingredients  are 

  1. potato
  2. iol
  3. salt
by using minimum 3 ingredients we can make potato chipspotato chips easily first we need to wash potatos and dry it for some time then take potatoes and chop it like slices very thin now chopped potato slices can wash with salt water then dry purely then heat the oil and dried potato chips can dip in oils and fry it like a crispy texture then take it out and add some mirchi powder and mix it properly with little salt and mirchi thats it finish our favorite chips within an hour now have it crispy chips a evening or your wish time i hope you understand and you like the procedure

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