Happy Dusserah Special wishes

Happy dusserah special wishes Beautiful creative images and Bathukamma pictures and nine days bathukammalu in Telugu content you can find here Ram is your soul. Sita is your heart. Ravan is your mind that steals your heart from your soul. Lakshman is your consciousness, always with you and active on your behalf. Hanuman is your intuition and courage that helps retrieve your heart to re-animate your soul

Happy Dusserah :May Lord Rama keep lighting your path of success and may you achieve victory in every phase of life. Jay Shree Ram.

Happy Dusserah Special wishes

Here you can chant This mantra on Dusserah do not forget do chant this mantra once and write on paper whole slokam then this sloka is attatch Jammi Tree we can call it as shami tree ,in english Live Prosopis Cineraria tree on that day . you can see betterment in life after this .

so believe in it and take it as one positive way when i was in my schooling my Sanskrit teacher said that. and i have have done as it is my teacher said. do it and get good results in your life. happy dusserah

more amazing images to find

Dusserah Slokam

Shami shamayate paapam shami shatru vinashini !

Arjunasya Danurdaari Raamasya Priyadarshini !!

find more bathukammas types of bathukammalu in telugu more creative beautiful images For the nine days, in the evening, women, especially young girls, gather in large numbers with their Bathukammas in open areas of their locality. All women will form a circle around the Bathukamma and start singing folk songs by clapping their hands and revolving around the Bathukamma, synchronizing steps and claps in unison provide a splendorous look to the festivities. Women seek good health, prosperity and happiness for their families. The songs are to invoke the blessings of various goddesses. By principle, the rendition end with any one of the following three tributes Uyyaala – ఉయ్యాల, Chandamama – చందమామ or Gouramma.

Happy Dusserah special wishes

Bathukamma poolu

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