Grapes sugar Awesome desert in Telugu

Grapes sugar Awesome desert in Telugu 22 How easy to make grapes sugar recipe in telugu and some more interested recipes also coming soon such a delicious tasty recipes try this and taste it how you feel about recipes and comment and follow thank you …

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Here you can follow what are the Ingredients and how to prepare The tasty grapes with sugar recipe let us get into process… just 2 ingrediants give you awesome recipe easily make and have it have a jabbardust tasty grapes recipe .

Ingredients: Ingredients are two only




Grapes sugar Awesome desert in Telugu

Process : just take green grapes and sugar according to your grapes take sugar and mix it with and flame it for 10 minutes under low flame and take it out and mix it with jaar you get output like juicy type then dish out it and again….

take one kadai and put it on stove flame it for 10 minutes and add some color that color should be green then you can feel it something green and looking awesome and have fantastic dish to have with bread….

after mixing together grapes and sugar with some color, color is an optional but it looks like great texture by that recipe is superb.

Grapes sugar Awesome desert in Telugu  angoora recipes

Finally our dish is ready to eat you can see above how it looks like so finally our grapes recipes name is grapes jaam.

jaam is ready to eat… eat it with bread and enjoy wait for some more different recipes to make


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