Diet Meal Plan How Become Fit

diet meal plan

Diet plan for weight loss

Do you know what is dieting.

As per i concern many people thinking dieting means no food only fasting  if you have done like this you are wrong. yes  you are  absolutely wrong and you will face unnecessary health problems so, think what is dieting? dieting is nothing but  what we are taking daily bases so take small quantity of anything but not fasting whole day remember.
you want to do only Dieting not Exersize  

Best diet Meal plan

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Then you follow like this

Healthy eating plan

  1. Morning  : have some lite food like a idly, java & take one apple(any one of this
  2. Lunch      :have small quantity food like rice along more quantity of curry
  3. Evening snacks:have some juice like batthai
  4. Dinner   : have  pulka with curry


that is it try it make a change in your life fit and slim and healthy diet beautetips beautetips and healthy beauty 

but i can suggest you guys only one thing you will become Healthy beautiful natural but no body can do this things why because they are always looking for something which is very easy like what to eat what not to eat but it is also not easy still they follow diets this is okay for the who had money why because the keep that dietitian they checkup their body and what is good and what is not good  they follow like that then what about others.

Diet plan to lose weight fast

comparing any kind of people i only suggest work out body workout other than no one is giving such a beautiful results 

let see the example :in south people like labours,workers,formers and others they are taking only food like rice yes or no yes 100% rite of course they will eat roti etc…  they look like very fitness body you cannot find any fat that bodies but i am not saying to eat rice only. here you can observe what i am trying to say 

why they fit physically means  they workout  by that way they are like that. 

Best diet meal plan

one thing is eat less work more, second thing eat how much you want to eat  then do not forget to workout for this way you do not gain


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