Creating Macro In M.S. Word Macro Recorder

How to Create Macros in ms word

Creating Macro In M.S. Word Macro Recorder Macro Is A Sequence Of Commands That You Can Assign To Key, Toolbar Buttons, Or Menu Item, And Then Repeat At With.

Macros in Microsoft Word Recording A Macro

First Start The Macro Recorder By Double Clicking The REC Navigator On The Status Bar. Word Will Display The Record Macro Dialog Box. Enter A Name For Tue Macro In The Macro Name Text Box Macro Can Be Up To 80 Characters Long And Can Contain Both Letter,Numbers, But Is Must Start With A Letter. It Cannot Contain Spaces,Punctuation, Or Special Characters, It Can Contain Under Scores The Recording Macro Dialog Box, Enter A Name For The Macro You’re About Record, And Give It An Illuminating Write-Up In The Description Box

 Running A Macro

To Running A Macro, Simply Click The Choose The Merit Item Or Press The Key Combination You Assigned To It. Example Of Running A Macro Change Of Font Change Of Font Change Of Font Change Of Font


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