WIFI Without router
WIFI Without router in Pc
WIFI Without router
WIFI Without router in Pc

How to Connect WI-FI Without Router

Nothing is impossible in this world right. how come will get theWIFI  in Pc and Mobiles without router  not router connection so how to get that is what i would like to share you ” it is so easy you just need to download the software .

Now i am going to tell you for the Mobile. how mobile will get WI-FI  without Router i already told you to download the software.  

that is

“Virtual Router Managerv1.0″  

Download it in your pc (personal computer )and give some settings  as shown in figure
now will go for the procedure

just open that                

“Virtual Router Manager v1.0″ give some details  like name of network ,password|which one you want to shared connection means select it WI-FI  OR it shows  ETHERNET ( is also called WI FI ) select it. now you open your Mobile go to settings  wifi and scan it and enter the details what you have given in PC give same as it is details and start ready to use wifi in your handset without router  that is it. whenever you want to use you just open and use it .


Network name (SSID): xxxxxxxxx     

Password                     :12345678

Shared connection     : WI-FI scan 


Whatsapp without internet


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