Broken Cubic How Easy to solve

Broken Cubic How Easy to solve watch in video

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  • Matlab basics introduction for engineers

    BASICS of MATLAB Define  :Matlab basics                    

    Matlab basics introduction for engineers   MATLAB  is stands for matrix laboratory |  high level language it is software package for numerical computation and visualization it has hundreds of built in functions. we can plot 2D|3D graphs Here you can get Matlab Programming Help
    Introduction for Engineers Basic building block 



    Matlab vector Matrix has tools when you understand about tools then you know the things to do so i will show you 

    Matlab programming language
    File menu: we use to open ,close |save the files like a Microsoft view menu: means viewing 
    Edit menu: as usual we use to edit by using edit menu
    Debug menu :to find or by tracing errors in simulation modelling or mathematical modelling 
    Parallel menu:if we want to run 2 simulation files at a time use this.
    we are new but have to do operations how? what is operation ?operation is nothing but addition, subtraction, multiplication |division.


    this is very important feature  if we want to do operations by using “Help” command we can see this on toolbar. learn matlab online

    Matlab Examples for beginners

    for example : addition
     >> a=10
    a =
    >> b =2
    b =
    ans =                
    >> c =ans        so the c is the answer value 
    so ans means answer,  
    c is the answer value 
    we have given any value it stores in matrix form  that will show while we are working in Software.
    if we want to clear the c means just use “>>clc” command 
    that is why it is very flexible software.

    Matlab basics introduction for engineers examples for beginners

    similarly do 
    ??? Undefined function or variable ‘a’

    >> a=8
    a =
    >> b = 9
    b   =
    >> c=a+b                                (Addition)
    >>d= a-b                                 (Subtraction)
    d =
    >> e = c*d                              (Multiplication)
    e =
    >> fx  =
    now the quitting session rite so quit how to quit not direct we are the engineers we use to follow some rules otherwise will loose data so , just follow to use quit command for quitting


  • Coupons How to Get Online Coupons Where Coupon Codes


    Save Your Money With Coupons by Online Shopping  online coupons

    How to Get Online Coupons Discount coupons                   so many people are wasting their money by shopping huge there any chance to save our money? it is very helpful who are crazy for shopping yes of course there is a real way guys when you want to shop you just visit such a websites like Flip kart ,Snap deal, Amazon, eBay , Jobong etc…  Rite. you may have a question then how to save money  with online shopping .apart from this what to do.                      


    Coupons what is mend by coupons and how come it helps us. coupon is nothing but discount like 20%,30%,40%,….70% on fashion, accessories, electronics, etc… 

     Digital coupons


    you know , if you want to purchase domain also you can use coupons definitely you can get the discount how it is for example the domain is to buy 640 rs per year  when you apply coupon you may get discount like 219 rs try it and save your money .we  have already know that  what is coupon how it helps rite, where we can apply coupons how to get the coupon code by this how much money we can save 

    How to Get Online Coupons

    online coupons

    Promo code to save your money Do you know how to save your money with shopping by applying coupons its so simple and easy procedure you just visit these websites  and How to Get Online Coupons

    Promo code if you do not understand how to use, how to do, i will tell you how to get coupons online before shopping online you just go through the sites to get coupons codes like promo code to by using promo codes you can get discounts it is true amazon, flipkart, snapdeal and other like myntra etc…. not only fashion everything will be available online just try and get coupons.

        login and get coupons Freelancer 

  • How Connect WI-FI Without Router
    WIFI Without router
    WIFI Without router in Pc

    How to Connect WI-FI Without Router

    Nothing is impossible in this world right. how come will get theWIFI  in Pc and Mobiles without router  not router connection so how to get that is what i would like to share you ” it is so easy you just need to download the software .

    Now i am going to tell you for the Mobile. how mobile will get WI-FI  without Router i already told you to download the software.  

    that is

    “Virtual Router Managerv1.0″  

    Download it in your pc (personal computer )and give some settings  as shown in figure now will go for the procedure just open that                

    “Virtual Router Manager v1.0″ give some details  like name of network ,password|which one you want to shared connection means select it WI-FI  OR it shows  ETHERNET ( is also called WI FI ) select it. now you open your Mobile go to settings  wifi and scan it and enter the details what you have given in PC give same as it is details and start ready to use wifi in your handset without router  that is it. whenever you want to use you just open and use it .


    Network name (SSID): xxxxxxxxx     

    Password                     :12345678

    Shared connection     : WI-FI scan 

    GOOGLE Whatsapp without internet
  • Free call from computer to mobile

    Free Phone Calls to PC

    Free call from computer to mobile by Internet Where Ever You Are in the World

    |How to Make Phone Calls from PC to Mobile

    call to friends
    Do you know how to make phone calls from PC

    Free call from computer to mobile its so excited when i knew this. everybody can do wherever you are in the world you just make calls from pc and enjoy the free of cost calls to your friends,relatives etc…  for this we have so 

    100% Genuine PartTimeJobs WorkFromHome Online Offlinedifferent software you can easy to make without risk and without downloading any software the you just need internet and make call by using call to friends so friends lets start friends it is so amazing and most attractive. just open website and give your phone number means to whom you want to call just enter phone number particular blanks and choose the certain place like India, Indonesia,UK etc.. like 919999999999  …

    Mangu machalu nalla machalu pogotte adbutamina chitka

    Make a free phone call online now

    Now you can call daily 2 minutes free call per day if you want to use continuously it will chargeable  i suggest you that better to call per 2 min when you are online when you have no balance in you phone at that moment or any urgency it may helps you doubt at all.

    it works after checking this process then i put this post to you can call Free call from computer to mobile it works local international also depends on your choice. 
  • Black Screen With Cursor Windows 7 Startup Fix

    Computer Problems Startup


    Black Screen With Cursor On Windows 7 ,Startup Fixed
    Black Screen With Cursor Windows7 Startup Fix
    Black Screen

    When This Kind Of Problem “Black Screen With Cursor”


    Is Occurs Suddenly Or While Installing Something Then We Get Sudden Power Cut After Turn On Our Computer  This May Be The Cause Of To Get Black Screen. At This Moment Do Not Worry Everything Has Solution Unnecessarily Do Not Break Your System With Angry Just You Need To Maintain Patience Not Only This One Anything Like This. So For This Purpose I Will Give You A Fantastic And Easy Steps  Then Solve Your Problem Again You Gonna Visit Your Windows Back And Do Operations So Everything Has Solution To Follow The Steps.

    only two steps to become solve your computer Black Screen With Cursor Startup Fixed

    Step 1: You Just Shutdown Your System With Keyboard Support By Alt+Ctl+Delete Together  Option Then You Got Shutdown The Computer Click To Fix The Problem.

    Step 2: Now On The Computer Open With The Help Of F8 Key On Keyboard Continuously Until Our Screen Appears Then Enter. Window Is Loading Files And Select The Language  Now You Repair Startup The Computer As Follows The Steps Like Next

    Have Some Patience To Start The Computer After Processing Your Computer Get Startup  Successfully Our Desktop Is Back  Or You Simply Go With Another Process Ie Very Simple And Very Easy You Just Take Your CD To  Install In Our Computer Again By The Installing Process To Follow Steps And Finish Finally You Get Your Desktop To Back And Run The Computer Successfully. Black Screen With Cursor Windows 7 Startup Fixes 

    click here


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