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Black Screen

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Black Screen With Cursor On Windows 7 ,Startup Fixed

Black Screen With Cursor Windows7 Startup Fix
Black Screen

When This Kind Of Problem “Black Screen With Cursor”


Is Occurs Suddenly Or While Installing Something Then We Get Sudden Power Cut After Turn On Our Computer  This May Be The Cause Of To Get Black Screen. At This Moment Do Not Worry Everything Has Solution Unnecessarily Do Not Break Your System With Angry Just You Need To Maintain Patience Not Only This One Anything Like This. So For This Purpose I Will Give You A Fantastic And Easy Steps  Then Solve Your Problem Again You Gonna Visit Your Windows Back And Do Operations So Everything Has Solution To Follow The Steps.

only two steps to become solve your computer Black Screen With Cursor Startup Fixed

Step 1: You Just Shutdown Your System With Keyboard Support By Alt+Ctl+Delete Together  Option Then You Got Shutdown The Computer Click To Fix The Problem.

Step 2: Now On The Computer Open With The Help Of F8 Key On Keyboard Continuously Until Our Screen Appears Then Enter. Window Is Loading Files And Select The Language  Now You Repair Startup The Computer As Follows The Steps Like Next

Have Some Patience To Start The Computer After Processing Your Computer Get Startup  Successfully Our Desktop Is Back  Or You Simply Go With Another Process Ie Very Simple And Very Easy You Just Take Your CD To  Install In Our Computer Again By The Installing Process To Follow Steps And Finish Finally You Get Your Desktop To Back And Run The Computer Successfully. Black Screen With Cursor Windows 7 Startup Fixes 

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