BIGBOSS4 Show Comments on Contestants

BIGBOSS4 Show Comments on Contestants 2020

బిగ్ బాస్ 4 పైన నెటిజెన్ల కామెంట్స్

పాపం కుమార్ సాయి వచ్చినప్పటినుంచి చూస్తున్నా అతనితో ఎవరు ఫ్రీగా ఉండటం లేదు అతన్ని లెక్క చేయడం లేదు

Who get irritated for sujatha laugh  How many of u say it is a fake laugh

Sujatha is irritating. Her smile n her game everything seems fake.

This time fake and irritated smile sujatha will going to eliminated

How Many Wants Sujatha to Eliminate this Week

If sujatha is nominated  this week, mostly she will chance to go out

Kumar sai dont worry… 90’s kids of andhra and telangana with you.. These over action idiots wont last long..we are watching every one closely. Ee akhil gadu, noel gadu first lo parledu anukunnam.. Ranu raanu they r showing off and showing real faces with false attitudes..

BIGBOSS4 Show Comments on Contestants 2020

Kumar sai నోరు nokkeyali ani chusthurru🙃, papam మాట్లాడితే oka రకంగా matladakapothe ఒక రకంగా treat chesthunnaru

Kumarsai might become Superstar, because everyone avoiding him and cornering him.

Though I am Devi fan, kumarsai has great future in biggboss house.

బిగ్ బాస్ కి ధన్యవాదాలు  మీరు వాళ్ళకి చాలా మంచిగా గొడవలు పెట్టారు… ఇప్పుడు ఎంతో హాయిగా ఉంది నాకూ

..మీకు కుదిరితె  ఇంకా గొడవ లు పెట్టండి బలే మజా వస్తుంది మాకు

Please support Kumar Sai..he is very innocent let him save

The most irritating sound is the laugh of sujatha

Avnash is the best entertainer in bigg boss house

How Many Didn’t Understand Master’s  Telugu

Devi Nagavalli Fire on Amma rajashekar

Sujatha calls nag sir bittu, most irritating

Sohel & kumar Sai genuine players !

Yesterday when sohel is safe from elimination no one came near him,but when others are safe he is the only first member to hug them

Devi Has both Advantage and disadvantages

Advantage: She can read Other people qualities.

Disadvantage: All the time Angry Onl

Avinash is the plus to bb..  He is entertaining a lot.

sujathas laugh

kumar sai is the best positive and composed character in bigg boss even targeted as zero by most of them he is still not having any anger like amma rajasekhar

Whom I found  genuine : Devi ,Lasya,Sohel,  Ariyana  They might be innocent but are genuine. No dramas . We want true human beings. Not dramas and sympathies.

I think amma rajashekar is trying be like baba master but it is not working out

Yesterday,lasya and sujatha don’t know that monal called them flippers.Divi  baga chepindi Monal double game gurinchi

బిగ్ బాస్ 4 పైన నెటిజెన్ల కామెంట్స్

దేవి నాగవళ్లి దెబ్బకి రాజశేఖర్ మాస్టారు కి మైండ్ బ్లాక్ అయింది .. కిచెన్ పాయె .. పరువు పాయెనిద్ర కూడా పోయినట్లుంది .. ఫాఫామ్ ఇలా అయిండు. డాక్టర్ రూమ్ కి తీసుకెళ్లి రెండు సూదులు పొడిపించండి బిగ్ బాస్

I fell Amma Raja Shekar is overreacting/ overacting. When every one nominated Sai Kumar as Zero he didn’t overact as Rajashekar did Devi is doing a great job at least better than him

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