Select which stone is yours
Select which stone is yours
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Astrology Of Stones According To Your Date Of Birth Or First Letter Of Your Name or Zodiac Signs also These are the stones choose according to your’s

birthstones and months

1.    Kempu:Surya’s
2.  Pearl:Moon
3.  Pagadam:Kujudu
4.  Pachaa Green :Budhudu
5.  Pushyaragam:Guruvu
6.  Vajram(Diamond):Sukrudu
7.  Neelam (Blue):Shanidi
8.  Gomedikam:Rahuvudi

all of the star signs stones and nakshatras 

Gemstone rings

foots 4 are same except the age differece  according to your age and letter  choose the stones

1Ashwini nakshatra 4 foots

1foot  chu

2.Mesha Raasi-Adipati-Kujudu———(Pagadam)
3.Janmakaladasa Kethudasha 7 Years——–(Viduryam)
7-27years Sukra Dasha—–(Vajram)
27-33 Years Ravi Dasha—–(Kempu)
33-43 Years  Chandra Dasha——(Muthyam)
43-50years Kujadasha ———(Pagadam)
50-68 Years Raahu Dasha________ (Gomedikam)
68-84 Years Guru Dasha _______(Pusyaragam)

Che Ashwini Nakshatram ———–2 Foot

3. –(viduryam)
5-25 years sukra dasha—— (vajram)
25-31years ravi dasa —-        Kempu
31-41 years chandra dasa ——(Muthyam)
              41-48 years kuja dasa ———(Pagadam)
48-66 years rahu dasa________ (Gomedikam
66-82 years guru dasa_______(Pusyaragam)
(cho ) Ashwini Nakshatram ———–3 Foot
3..janmakala dasha kethu dasha  3.6 years—— (viduryam)
3.6-23.6 years  sukra dasa——– (vajram)
23.6- 29.6 years  ravi dasa ——-(kempu)
29.6-39.6 years   chandra dasa——-(muthyam)
39.6-46.6 years  kuja dasa ———(pagadam)
46.6-64.6 years   raahu dasa ——–(gomedikam)
64.6-80.6 years  guru dasa ——–(pushya ragam)
(laAshwini Nakshatram ———–4 Foot
3.Janmakaladasa Kethudasha 2Years——–(Viduryam)
22-28 Years Ravi Dasha—–(Kempu)
28-38 Years  Chandra Dasha——(Muthyam)
38-45years Kujadasha ———(Pagadam)
45-63 Years Raahu Dasha________ (Gomedikam)
63-79Years Guru Dasha _______(Pusyaragam)


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